• SPID’s work with youth ranges from infant care and day care centres, to vocational training and job readiness for young adults. Our informal education programs assists in mainstreaming children who are not currently enrolled in government schools. Some of our other efforts include advocacy for child rights and early childhood care and development (ECCD), infant care centers, and work with special children. Our Open Shelter for children located at GB road in Delhi is open 24 hours a day to children of women in prostitution. Our different programs for children include:

• Balwadi infant care centre for children of weavers in Varanasi

• Work with Special Children providing educational activities and facilitating certification courses

• Informal education programs facilitating children’s entry into government schools


The women centric activities undertaken by the GRC are as follow:

• To impart skills for specific trades and to provide backward and forward linkages enabling women to be part of the productive work force and obtain decent remuneration.

• To provide facilities with linkages for school dropouts to return to mainstream and to provide non formal functional literacy.

• To establish a mechanism to link existing government schemes to women and to enable them to access such schemes.

• To create awareness among women on relevant issues and to provide legal literacy about their rights.

The women centric activities undertaken by the GRC are as follow:

• Impart demand driven short-term training in consultation with the industry.

• Generate employment opportunities..

• Establish linkages with the industry for placement.

• Provide backward and forward linkages for skills and market avenues.

• Build self-reliance& commitment for training, ensuring the community of services and efficiency in the use of local resources.

• Establish linkages with banks, financial institutions and agencies offering schemes for self-employment through loans, subsidies under Swarn Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojna (SJSRY)..


The Gender Resource Center- Samajik Suvidha Kendra (GRC- SSK) plays an important role in skills development. This program was put into place by Samajik Suvidha Sangam (SSS), an initiative of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. This program aims for gender justice, equality and empowerment leading to community development. GRC uses various techniques to reach its goal such as skills training linked to employment and economic self-sustainability, women’s self-help groups for financial and economic self-sufficiency, legal, rights and social issues awareness, etc. The target group is the poorest of the poor, homeless and the precariously housed, the elderly, women headed households, extremely vulnerable categories among women, child-headed households, persons with disabilities (mental/physical), diseased, orphans/ single unprotected children and minority groups. The vulnerable are identified by their place of residence, social vulnerability and occupational vulnerability. The various components of GRC are:

• Education

• Legal (awareness and counseling)

• Vocational Courses (beauty culture and computer training)

• Health (health camps and Out Patient Department)

• Help Desk

• Self-Help Group

• Income Generation Program for women

• Community awareness

• Nutrition program

• Menstrual hygiene awareness and sanitary distribution

The mentality behind GRC is that development is impossible if the women in the community remain neglected.

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